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According to Alexa, Google has been in recent years the site most visited by the Indians. Standing out first in their rankings even though the emergence of Facebook, the largest social network in India and abroad.

This means that optimizing websites for search engines like Google, which has a market share of more than 95%, remains very important.

With hundreds of millions of searches every month, companies and businesses need to position themselves properly on the front pages of Google to increase their visibility, reach potential customers, and increase revenue.

It is for this reason that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is just as important both in India and abroad. If your site does not appear on the first page of Google for the most relevant keywords (search terms) for your business it is essentially losing customers every month to its competitors.

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SEO Audit and Technical Analysis

Before we start any SEO project it is necessary to do a detailed audit and analysis of the site. This analysis consists of evaluating the optimization already done or existing on the site, both internally and externally.
Internally , on-page SEO , we analyze the internal links of the site, quantity and quality of content, structure of URLs, META date , among others. An external, off-page SEO , we analyze the profile of external links, anchor texts , social networking links, and other referrals from the web site.


Keyword Research

Keywords are phrases or words searched on the search engine, like Google, by its users. The phrase “web design India” is considered a keyword, and for this same search term appear 8 to 10 organic results and various Google AdWords ads.
The process of researching and choosing the keywords that best fit your business model is extremely important so that your site content is optimally optimized for words with meaningful search volume.

Competitive Analysis

The analysis and evaluation of existing competition in search engines is somewhat related to the search for keywords.
This evaluation intends to analyze the competence of other market players competing for the top positions in Google. With an effective analysis of the existing competition, it is possible to explore its weaknesses, and to build a strategy based on the competent execution of competitors.


Internal Site Optimization

The internal optimization of the website, or on-page SEO , is performed after keyword research and competitive analysis. Internal optimization is one of the most important parts of implementing SEO itself. This is because it allows you to communicate directly with the search engines and define the search terms for which the site will appear.
The main internal optimization factors include META data (such as titles, descriptions, keywords , among others), user experience, responsive design , link between pages, page loading speed, SCHEMA, etc.

Social Media Marketing and Link Building

After implementing the internal optimization of the site, it is necessary to implement a link building strategy , to strengthen the positioning of the site in the search engines. The links work as a reference of the web site, and are one of the most important factors in performing SEO on any website.
External optimization, or off-page SEO ¸ essentially involves creating these same links , which confirm the type of content promoted on the site. That is, the existence of referrals on other sites show to the search engines that the topic of the site is actually that transmitted through internal optimization.

As per an Online survey, Social Media is to develop on a rapid phase. The top several social organizations Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – by and large accepted more than 2.5 billion visits in the month of September 2012 apart from everyone else. Twitter developed by more than 600% in 2012, while Facebook developed by 210% and LinkedIn by 85%. As of this composing, Google and Yahoo are the sole resources that appropriate more every day activity than Facebook. It may not be the same inside a while.
Youtube served more than 75 billion movie streams to 375 million novel guests throughout 2012.
Everyone is on Social Media. In this way, how to tap this gigantic business?
We encourage you to arrangement and execute a method to tap the tremendous business by our Social Media Marketing Team.
We encourage you to obtain the client base, and keep up your social media presence exist to get more business by Social Media Marketing.


Content Strategy

Any digital strategy, be it SEO or marketing on social networks, for example, content is extremely important. The campaign will never be successful without an effective content strategy.
It is necessary not only to create content for the site itself, which is properly optimized for the reader and search engines, but also for promoting the brand itself outside the site itself. The content strategy ultimately deepens the bridge between the internal and external optimization of the site, and allows the entire SEO campaign to be implemented in the best way.

Google AdWords Management

Adwords represents nothing short of a revolution in marketing, one that every business with any web presence should be utilising. However, the number of elements Adwords allows you to control coupled with the sheer amount of data on offer means that getting the most out of it can be time consuming. Plus, you could risk paying more than you need to for your results or missing out on potentially lucrative avenues.

Whether you are an agency with multiple clients, you are a direct advertiser with a dedicated team focused on search marketing or you are a one-person marketing department, the Marin Software Platform has the tools to help you save time and improve the financial performance of your campaigns. Take advantage of the largest, most targeted advertising network in the world & stop wasting your marketing budget.

Our team has been running Adwords campaigns since the technology was invented – we know how to target any customer and get the most out of any budget. We focus on getting you the best traffic which provides lower cost per conversion, increases your traffic, and makes you more money.

Google Analytics Management

Utilizing Google Analytics accurately, it is decently straightforward to make enormous, breathtaking upgrades to your connected business. This can spare you a great deal of cash.

By translating the information we let you know concerning any frail ranges of your web space and prescribe exact updates.

In the event that you’re as of now running a pay for every click promoting crusade, we can see which parts are working well so you can expand the previously mentioned. We can additionally see which parts are not functioning and in addition they may as well, so you can make updates there as well.

Without Analytics, it is not plausible to figure out assuming that you are running your connected promoting ventures successfully and proficiently. With our interaction at starting engineering startups to advertising neighborhood business features, we can accommodate pick the most significant metrics to center on with each battle.

Following pulling in the right clients and changing over them to acquire your particular objectives, we then break down the information and improve our online searching tool advertising undertakings to keep expanding your degree of profitability.

As stated all through our site, we put stock in full transparency in what we are doing so you grasp what is working and why. We accept this transparency can help you comprehend the sum of your clients preferred and help your business in different features, as well as demonstrating you with complete control and access sometime later.

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