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We have created an online store and custom sales site for your business!

If you want to sell products online both in India and the rest of the world, reach new customers, and grow your business, WebMochi can help. We have extensive experience in creating online stores and sales sites for customers all over the world.

Our goal is not simply to create a visually appealing website, we also value the user experience in all devices, online stores properly optimized for search engines (SEO), such as Google or Bing, and that is Easy use of both the visitor and buyer part, as well as the management of the store and its customers.

We want to help in the creation of an e-commerce store that you can be proud of, and above all, become a good investment for your company, establishing itself as a benchmark in the market.

Our online stores are mostly created and developed on WordPress, the leading content management platform (CMS). Building your WordPress store has several advantages both in the development process and also after completion of the site, making it easy to manage the store.

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Our E-commerce Service

Get to know the features of our online store and e-commerce service

Custom Design

We have as one of the main objectives to create an online store and sales site that is customized, designed and developed for your company, representing, in a fair way, the values ​​of your brand. Your e-commerce solution will be developed in WordPress, this is a content management platform used by almost 80 million sites, a little worldwide.



We are approaching 2018, and consumer trends, both in India and in the vast majority of countries, have been changing over the years. We would be making a mistake if we ignored the millions of users who shop online using their smartphone or tablet . With this in mind, the online stores developed by WebMochi are 100% optimized for the various mobile devices .

Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

With the growth and great adhesion to social networks in India, certain companies end up ignoring the importance of the main search engine, in India and in the world, Google. As the most visited site in India, according to, it is extremely important that your store is properly optimized for this search site.


Integration with Social Networks

When we develop any e-commerce solution and sales site we always keep in mind the social networks. We want to make it easy to share a product, page or article on your site on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Google Analytics

One of the best analytics and analytics platforms for websites has been developed by Google. Integration with this software will allow you to track various statistical data related to your site, such as the number of visits for a given period, usage time, visitor origin, conversions, sales and more. This data is extremely important to the success and growth of the online sales site.


Product Management

With our e-commerce solution you can manage all your products through an easy-to-use panel. This feature allows you to create new products, change existing products, group products for cross-sell and up-sell , change prices, taxes, shipping charges, create promotions, and more.


Client management

Managing your customers is very important for easy communication, and success of your online store. As such, we have created a solution that allows you to manage your customers in an easy way, follow orders, consult and change your contacts.

Payment methods

We look forward to offering multiple payment options in our online stores. The customer always comes first, so it is important that he can buy and complete the transaction using the payment method that is most convenient for him. Your buyers will be able to pay for your products using PayPal, debit and credit cards, ATM or check.

Order Management

Managing the status of each order is a very simple and practical process with our e-commerce solutions. By being properly integrated with the various payment methods, your new platform will be in constant communication with PayPal, Stripe or Multibanco so that the store manager knows when the payment has been made successfully. You can also communicate directly with the customer, with previously defined messages of order confirmation, dispatch, and delivery of your products.


Sales and Statistics

While we recommend using Google Analytics, for all its features and features, you can easily view through your store management panel, within your site, various statistics related to your sales, products, orders, customers and views Site.

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Leave us your requirements, and our team will contact you in less than 24 hours!